Datalogic DLR-PR001

The DLR-PR001 RFID is a UHF long range reader with GPRS and outstanding RFID reading performance, computing power and communication capabilities. The reader is optimized for portal installations and features full power for up to 16 antennas, Gen 2 Dense Reader Mode management and high speed read rates.

Based on an embedded hardware architecture (x86) and a standard Linux Operating System, the DLR-PR001 reader eases the development of custom software and solutions.  The on-board computing power and connectivity eliminate the need for an external PC and related cabling. This results in savings associated with installation and maintenance, and hence the total cost of ownership of the installed devices is reduced.

The DLR-PR001 gate reader works best in comprehensive AutoID solutions, where data is to be collected from many sources, e.g. Smart Card readers, barcode scanners, GPS and other field sensors.

Thanks to the compact and universal form, as well as the use of an optional, integrated GPRS modem, the reader can be mounted in any location requiring RFID – even in far-away locations. DLR-PR001 enables solution providers to adapt the reader to individual needs, and thus, to create their own specialized equipment.

Datalogic DLR-PR001 RFID

Datalogic DLR-PR001 specification:

  • Antenna ports: 4 TNC (RP)
  • Communications: RS-232 Serial Communication (DB9); USB 2.0 High Speed Host Port; Ethernet 10/100BASE-T (RJ-45); GSM/GPRS (SMA) (optional); Wi-Fi (optional by USB Host)
  • Air protocols: EPC C1 G2/ISO 18000-6C