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RFID antennas

Nowadays, more and more companies are using RFID technology to increase the efficiency of their logistics processes and inventory management. RFID antennas are a key element of radio frequency identification systems, enabling fast and precise reading of RFID tags. offers high-quality RFID antennas, available in various variants. The available antennas ensure stable operation in a variety of conditions, making them ideal for companies in various industries, such as logistics, manufacturing and retail. We also offer comprehensive service and advice in choosing the right RFID antenna for your needs. Choose RFID antennas and regain confidence that your RFID system will work reliably and efficiently.

Which RFID antennas to choose:

  • Get the capacity and range you demand for reliable RFID tag reading with the AN440 high-performance RFID area antenna. A good-looking, rugged general-purpose area antenna, the AN440 is designed to perform exceptionally in all environments, indoors and out. The AN440 RFID Antenna gives you a wide read field and high speed RF signal conversion, so data capture is fast and accurate, even in expansive, high-demand environments. Zebra AN440 can be used as two separate mono-static antennas in a single package.

    Zebra AN440 RFID

    Zebra AN440 specification

    • Gain: 6.0 dBi
    • 3db Beam Width: 70°
    • Weight: 1,9 kg
    • Connectors: 2 x Type N female
    • Sealing: IP67


    Zebra AN440 data sheet


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    RFID antennas