ibcsGate – RFID gates system

ibcsGate_RFID_gates_systems_logoibcsGate solution allows you to verify people or incoming / outgoing products without the need for physical control or counting. When the pallet with the goods passes through RFID gate, the system is able to confirm in a few seconds the number of products placed on it and send this data to the server. When a person passes through the gate, the system can register entry or exit. RFID gate is fully automatic, it does not require any action either from the person passing through the gate or from the administrator. It can be installed anywhere in the communication path, where we want to control and identify the flow of products or people and alert in the event of unauthorized passage or removal of resources.

Benefits of ibcsGate solution:

  • quick identification and registration of human and material resources,
  • automatic control of resource movement (track & trace),
  • tracking products, packaging, pallets, containers in the supply chain,
  • product verification without the need for physical checking and counting,
  • property protection against theft,
  • reading many products at the same time.
Widok bramki RFID z czytnikami i antenami na prawym ramieniu
zabudowna bramka RFID dla osób
czytnik i anteny RFID Zebra Technologies
górna część bramki RFID

Types of RFID gates:


Zebra Technologies logoRFID gates are based on dedicated design. They come in three sizes: for people, carts and pallets (or other large goods). It is possible to adjust the dimension as well as the aesthetics of the solution to the client’s needs. The gate is equipped with Zebra Technologies RFID reader and antennas as well as management, communication and signaling elements. The gate is mobile and can be freely moved, it only requires a power source. Communication with the gateway is done using the Ethernet (or GSM) standard.