RFID paper labels/ Inlay

RFID labels, both paper and foil, are available in many sizes and with different types of chips. They are the simplest and the most popular, and thus also the cheapest RFID labels. They are used on non-metallic surfaces, most often for marking plastic or cardboard boxes, pallets or direct marking of products. Such RFID labels, depending on the size, can be printed and coded in RFID printers.

Smartrac DogBone
SMARTRAC DogBone (Monza 4D)
Smartrac Belt
SMARTRAC Belt (Monza 5)
Smartrac Shortdipole
SMARTRAC ShortDipole (Monza 4D)
Omni-ID IQ 400P
Omni-ID IQ 400P
Omni-ID IQ 800P
Omni-ID IQ 800P
Frida 2 RFID
Inventory RFID label Comex Frida 2
Freya 2 RFID
Logistic RFID label Comex Freya 2
Freya R6 RFID
RFID label for documents Comex Freya R6