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RFID drop cabinet

IBCS Poland’s author solution – a metal drop cabinet with an RFID reader with antennas, an integrated management module and management software available in the form of a license. The solution enables collecting data from RFID tags, sending them to an external system, managing cabinet states, as well as communication with the server via TCP/IP protocol (GSM, Ethernet).

How does an RFID cabinet work?

The information carrier in the management system are RFID tags placed in clothing. The employee opens the storage chamber of the wardrobe and puts clothes in it. Closing the insertion chamber starts the process of identifying clothes in the basket using an RFID reader and antennas connected to it. The integrated management module receives data from the RFID reader and sends them via a GSM modem to an external management system. After the wardrobe is full of clothes, the module blocks the drop box and informs the management system that it needs to be emptied. The staff empties the wardrobe and puts it into the clothes re-acceptance mode.

RFID drop cabinet
RFID drop cabinet

Technical data:

  • dimensions: height 196 cm, depth 105.6 cm, width 82 cm,
  • space inside the wardrobe for a clothes trolley with dimensions: height 175.5 cm, depth 82 cm, width 72.5 cm,
  • welded structure made of steel sheets,
  • surface protected against corrosion – powder coated,
  • clothes drop with a hinged flap,
  • cylinder lock in MASTER system,
  • handles for carrying the wardrobe,
  • adjustment of the cabinet level from the inside.


  • collection of clothes for washing,
  • registration of clothing in the management system through the use of RFID tags,
  • collecting, storing and sharing information about clothing in individual wardrobes and locations,
  • generating reports on the current state in drop-off wardrobes and the history of clothing circulation,
  • information on the status of drop cabinets enabling quick service action,
  • dispersed structure – access to drop-off cabinets located in the dispersed structure of the company,
  • easy relocation of cabinets.


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    RFID drop cabinet